A Pet's Indulgence Value Breakdown

At A Pet’s Indulgence, LLC., we not only focus on Indulging the Client, but also provide a value to pet grooming. ┬áThe following table provides a breakdown of the Indulgent Value.

Value Item Description API Retail Grooming Shop


Full Groom Comparison service includes Bath, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nails clipped, Ears cleaned, Paws trimmed, Sanitary trim Included Included
Choice of Shampoo Additional cost for Hypoallergenic, Oatmeal, Medicated, or Conditioning Included $5.00*
Conditioner Addtional cost for coat conditioner Included $5.00*
Blueberry Facial Use of special tearless cleaner/conditioner brightens coat & soothes pet Included (as appropriate) $10.00*
Breed or Puppy Cut Applies only to breeds that require cutting & styling of coat Additional as required Additional as required
Nails Dremmeled Grinding of nails for smoother finish – saves floores & scratches to owner & pet Included $5.33*
Basic Furmination Removal of loose hair with specialized brush (heavily coated dogs require extra time & extra cost) Included $10.00*
Teeth Brushed Use of special pet tooth brush to remove plaque & freshen breath – improves pet health Included $6.40*


Travel Time Cost Owner time to transport pet to/from grooming shop: 4 trips x 15 minutes/trip x $22.33
(Data Source – Bureau of Labor Statistics for Illinois, your time may be worth more/less)
Included (no cost to pet owner) $22.33*
Vehicle Cost Cost to use personal vehicle to transport pet to/from grooming shop: 4 trips x 5 miles x .55/M
(Government allowance includes wear & tear, gas, oil, tires, etc)
Included $11.00

Grooming Visit

Individual Pet Attention Groomed pet is the only pet in grooming Salon for entire groom Included Not Available
Door-to-door Service Owner & pet greeted at Client door & pet’s condition explained when returned to Client door Included Not Available
Total Total additional fees for comparable grooming experience (* = average of local grooming shops surveyed) $0.00 $65.06*
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