The Indulgence Philosophy

Through the years, as loving pet owners, we have always looked for a special place for grooming our pets. All we could ever find were the same old, sterile, grooming shops to take our pets. Not that they are necessarily bad, we just wanted something better and more caring. After serious thought, we decided that we could change that experience for our pet and now for You and Your Pet by opening ‘A Pet’s Indulgence’. As a top priority, we considered how to indulge the pet and by bringing the salon to the pet owner, we would indulge the owner as well.

At ‘A Pet’s Indulgence’ our goal is to provide a higher quality and caring pet grooming experience for Your Pet and Yourself. By using the highest quality equipment and products, we have established a Mobile Salon that is conducive to Your Pet’s Pleasure and Comfort. And by not rushing through the grooming experience and by prioritizing the pets comfort over speed, we provide that special grooming indulgence.

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